Wild Fires of His Love

Welcome to Wildfire Women’s Ministry! At Catch the Fire DFW, we are passionate about engaging the Presence of God, and humbly growing in intimacy with Him in His triune existence. We desire to be moving ever closer toward wholeness, body, soul and spirit; by learning of and walking out the fullness of our identity as heirs of Heaven; and by helping every women to become fully herself, walking in her greatest dreams and fullest potential.

We will shape future generations by receiving our inheritance, becoming conduits and releasing His Kingdom, in whatever season we are in, from the home to the church, the mission field to the marketplace. Our journeys might look different, but they are each strategically planned out of His Kingdom design and should be embraced and stewarded with grace, acceptance and excitement. We desire to see each woman engaging in friendships that are raw and vulnerable, as well as inviting and safe.

Our vision for community is that it would be organic. With this goal in mind, community will be created, strengthened and maintained by each woman in our church body. This can be done by answering the call to start or attend a life group, as well as by the simple beauty of invitation to dinner, coffee or a vast array of other events.

And finally, we will talk about the hard topics so often avoided by the church. We will reach beyond church walls and into the local community as well as the cities and the nations to love well, going into the dark alleys and the trenches, the restaurants and the neighborhoods, just to whisper in a woman’s ear that He loves them, and so do we. We will be a ministry of Reconciliation, Restoration, Redemption and Revival. We will be women who set WILDFIRE’S OF HIS LOVE all across the world and watch as all get consumed by His pursuance of them. We are Wildfire Women’s Ministry!

For further information on how to connect, life groups and how to receive updates on church wide women’s events please email: moc.w1542474358fderi1542474358fehth1542474358ctac@1542474358nemow1542474358.