Empowering Women Part 1 | Afraid of Powerful Women

I’ve been noticing something I haven’t really noticed much before. In the Church (Not just my own. Mine is the most empowering I’ve been part of to date, with much room still for growth.), there is an obvious disparity between men and women when it comes to authority. Men have authority. Women, not so much–unless it’s authority in women’s or children’s ministry. This has been so consistently true throughout my experience of “church” that I just haven’t noticed it. Now that I’m noticing it, I’m starting to question it, and wondering what I might be able to do about it.

Not every woman is suited for leadership. I know many who would prefer to serve in other very fruitful ways. But I can easily say the same thing about many men. Not every man is suited for leadership. Some are. Many women are too.

I’ve started to notice powerful women. They’re gifted with leadership. They’re wired to influence. They’re built with vision and naturally see from a 30,000 foot perspective, taking in vision, mission, objectives, strategy and tactics easily within the scope of their sight. They plan. They execute. They mobilize teams, prepare them, and empower them. They take risks. They learn from failure. They celebrate victory. They are leaders. Some have even learned to lead with what could be called “a man’s world” without having to become “man like” in their leadership. They have retained the strength of their femininity as leaders. They lead with beauty, nurture, empathy, emotion and intuition – these strengths complementing the sharpness of their intellect, strategic thinking, wisdom and decision making ability in ways that astound.

But not in church. Not much anyway.

I think men are afraid of powerful women in church. I wonder why.

I know there are some verses in scripture that are often applied. I’m going to start looking at those to see if there are some ways we have applied them that are inconsistent with Jesus’ own hermeneutic (interpretive approach). More than that, I’m going to see just how much we really believe that Jesus’ victory has broken the curse over mankind. Even for women.


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