Faith is Relational – Part 5

The object of our faith is God himself. Not just any god, but the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the God we have access to through Jesus, the God who rewards us if we diligently seek him. This God is not an “it”. God is personal. Faith is therefore relational. By faith I “come to him”. By faith I diligently seek him and experience his reward.

This is really the positive side of what I stated negatively before. Faith is not mental assent to correct doctrine. Correct doctrine is not the object of my faith. God is both the object of correct doctrine as well as the object of my faith. Faith is not trying hard. When I work to earn some status before God, I become the object of my faith rather than God. Faith that only lays hold of doctrine is not relational. Faith that lays hold of my own ability is simply self righteous dead religion. True faith is designed to connect me with the Living God. Faith is relational.


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