Faith is Trust – Part 6

When I place my faith in the Lord Jesus, I am placing my trust in him. I trust

There’s an old preacher story which illustrates this well, so I repeat it here. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it works well to make the point anyway.

Once upon a time a tightrope walker stretched a cable accross Niagra Falls and began to walk back and forth accross, drawing quite a crowd. He then grabbed a wheel barrow and commenced to push it accross the Falls. After several successful trips, he filled the wheel barrow with about 180 lbs of rock and to the delight and awe of the growing crowd, made it back and forth accross the tight rope while pushing the full wheel barrow.

The performer then asked the crowd “Who believes I can put a grown man in this wheel barrow and safely make it back and forth accross the Falls?” Everyone raised their hands. He then asked the follow-up question “Do I have any volunteers?” All the hands went down except one.

Everybody believed but only one had faith. Only one moved past mental assent to real trust.

I have faith in God, not simply when I believe the right things about God, but when I actually place my trust in him.


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