Focusing Faith

Faith is a big deal. Without it, we can’t please God. Anything we do apart from it is sin. With it, nothing is impossible.

Given that it’s such a big deal, it’s no wonder we put so much focus on it. Recognizing that we need more of it, we allocate a lot of our inward resources toward trying hard to believe, and trust, and not doubt. We view our circumstances and observe more than a few impossible things that aren’t happening. We obviously need more faith. So we try to more fully engage our believer, our truster. We press down on the faith throttle. We rev the belief engine to maximum capacity.

I’m pretty sure this is the wrong approach.

Our believer works fine. We just tend to believe the wrong kinds of things, or the wrong voice. Most people I talk to have no problem believing. They cling to the lies they believe about God, about themselves and about others with quite an amazing tenacity. I know people who believe lies about their own worth and value so deeply that they’ve become the fundamental assumptions which form the basis of all their thinking and responses.

No – there’s nothing wrong with our believer. It works fine.

Faith isn’t about trying harder to believe more. Faith’s strength isn’t in its intensity or sincerity. Faith’s strength is in it’s object. Who’s voice are we listening to? How clearly do we hear and see what He is wanting to reveal? How deep is our revelation of the One in whom we’re believing. Faith increases as our perception of Jesus deepens. Faith results from revelation. Faith comes by hearing.

Faith is the wrong focus of faith. It only produces faith in my faith, which is ultimately faith in me. This makes faith weak because I’m weak. Faith can never be stronger than it’s object.When I take even my little mustard seed of faith and aim it at Jesus, my faith becomes strong because He is strong.

Receiving more revelation. Embracing it. Surrendering to it. This is how faith grows. Don’t focus on faith; focus on Jesus.

Jesus show us more of who You are.


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