Freedom From an Orphan Heart | You Belong

We all have a deep need to belong. We need others who accept us, who embrace us, who include us. There is great security that comes from knowing you belong and powerful insecurities arise from not knowing it. Many behaviors that are relationally unhealthy grow out of such insecurities. It’s a bit ironic that the need to belong accompanied by the insecurity of feeling you don’t belong results in behaviors aimed at finding a place to belong that actually serve to perpetuate the experience of not belonging.

If you try to save your life you’ll lose it.

Belonging is about receiving and giving love. Not belonging breeds insecurity and insecurity is about receiving fear and giving manipulation. And fear and control are not the path to love and belonging. Fear and control lead somewhere else.

Sometimes we experience not belonging from other people. But then we most often bring our not belonging with us into other relational contexts.

What if belonging became something we received from a more consistent and faithful and powerful source? What if, having received belonging from our Father in heaven, we could then bring I Belong into every other relational context? What if instead of looking to find I Belong from others we could instead bring I Belong to them?

The security of belonging positions us to function in relationships with health. This way of being cultivates and perpetuates connection. Belonging produces belonging.

An orphan heart is deeply convinced it doesn’t belong and responds in relationships in ways designed to prove itself right. The Father, through Jesus, has made a way for us to come to him with all of our insecurities and experience his unconditional love and acceptance. He is constantly pouring the reality that You Belong into your heart. Will you surrender to his love?


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