How do I surrender to God?

Someone recently emailed me and asked me that question: “How do I surrender to God? Here’s part of my reply.

It’s about abandoning self-reliance and plugging into God as your source. It’s about ceasing from your own works and resting in his finished work. It’s about offering him your vulnerability and allowing him into the deep places of your heart, into the closed rooms that are messy. It’s about embracing that transformation is a process, that healing and freedom are cultivated over time, that there’s not a quick fix, but rather a life-long journey. It’s about assuming personal responsibility for your own choices and their consequences, your own attitudes and the effect they have on you and others in your life. It’s about realizing that happiness is an inside job and no one else can do it for you. It’s about discovering that Jesus inside you makes the inside job of happiness a realistic option. It’s about stepping out of the judge’s seat–completely letting go of all judgements against yourself, against God, against other people. It’s about taking the focus off of yourself, off of pain–and instead choosing to love God and love others. It’s about choosing gratitude as the primary filter through which you view reality. I guess surrender is all those things and more. How do you do it? You choose. You receive. One moment at a time.


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