I Love Catch the Fire DFW

I love Catch the Fire DFW.

I love our people.

We have this core of leaders who serve so sacrificially and faithfully. They are catalysts for community. They give with joy. They worship with abandon. They minister with power.

11240486_10206919804374412_6823611900989589493_nI think about people like Justin and Laurie Wade. After church on a Saturday night, you will often find them vacuuming the auditorium, picking up trash, making sure things are just right for our Word of Love friends who will be gathering the next morning for worship. Last night I ducked into the youth room to pick up Ted. There was Laurie,¬†vacuuming with a big smile on her face. I wonder if she realizes that she isn’t just cleaning. She is offering worship. She is loving people.

I see them. I see them working hard at parenting well. I see them growing in their marriage and in their family. I see them leaning into healthy relationships. I see them learning to experience God in power, becoming good receivers. I see them walking in honor and creating a culture of honor all around them.

What is Catch the Fire DFW? Justin and Laurie Wade.

I am thankful.


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