Public Statement regarding Alan Smith

                                                                                                            April 13, 2019

It is with heavy hearts that the eldership and pastoral staff of Catch The Fire Dallas Fort Worth accept the resignation of founding and senior pastor Alan Smith, effective last Thursday, April 4th.

What began as discussions to arrange a process of pastoral transition, however, took a turn to reveal that Alan was in an extended extramarital affair which made his departure immediate. With the active support of the church’s governing body, Catch The Fire World, based in Raleigh NC, the elders and staff quickly met with the church’s lay leadership to explain the circumstances and change in plan, followed by a congregational meeting.

Naturally, the news was received with a mix of disappointment and sorrow on one hand, but on the other hand a sense of relief and validation as there had been undercurrents of unease and confusion over the past year. The church leaders want to publicly thank the members of the congregation for the grace, maturity and unity they have displayed in this trying circumstance.

Our love and prayers are first and foremost for the Smith family and we are actively, tangibly supporting them. While we appreciate prayers on their behalf, we ask that anyone not directly involved respect their privacy as they come to grips with this situation.

Catch The Fire World has sent trusted and experienced leaders to see the congregation through the immediate turmoil while they grieve, heal, and return to the hope set before them.

Above all, we thank our Father God, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit for their palpable presence and love, and the abiding sense of purpose and future for the church.


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