Reacting To Error Increases Error

Truth is not found in reaction to error. If so, error is primary and truth secondary. If so, error is the primary shaper of truth. This simply isn’t the case, and yet it seems difficult not to fall into that trap.

For far too long, religion has championed morality without empathy. The popular reaction to this error in our day is to champion empathy without morality. When we react to an error we often just produce another error.

The error of liberalism (theological) makes all truth subjective, undermining the very idea of objective truth. The error of fundamentalism is simply a reaction to liberalism. Liberalism leads us to believe that we can know little or nothing. Fundamentalism leads us to believe we have nothing to learn. We trade one error for another and think we have found truth.

The error of legalism defines our relationships with God in terms of following certain rules. The error of “freedom from religion” defines our relationship with God in terms of the rules we no longer follow. We have traded legalism for lawlessness and called it freedom. But it’s just another form of bondage.

A reaction to error just serves to increase error, but in a manner that often serves to help us feel “right” and “enlightened” and “progressive.” Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil still tempts us to partake by offering to make us feel wise.


About the Author:

Alan Smith is the Senior Leader of Catch the Fire DFW, an incredible community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that launched Spring 2014. Alan and Nancy married in 1994 and have three brilliant and beautiful children. Alan formerly served as Pastor of Freedom Ministry at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. He enjoys the Dallas Cowboys, good books, writing, speaking, jazz, live music, traveling, coffee, and time with close friends. Not necessarily in that order.