Revival is now.

There was a moment Saturday during worship when something shifted. Our times of worship are always rich and deep and powerful. But this was different somehow. Such things are hard to put words to. The already/not-yet reality of the kingdom can be hard to verbalize. Words that affirm one might minimize the other.

The Holy Spirit was poured out upon the Church more than 2,000 years ago at Pentecost. He has never not been poured out since that time. Yet there are times when His outpouring breaks into our experience in new ways. So we speak of revival in a particular time and place while in no way minimizing His work in previous times and other places.

During worship on Saturday, I felt like I heard God whisper to my heart “Revival is now.” And I felt something shift. Pastor Chris immediately led us into a time of intercession, asking Blaine Shelton, Veronica Mingle, and Margie Spence to each lead us in prayer. When Blain took the microphone and knelt, he began singing in the Spirit. I think most everyone felt what happened in some way. Kristin Brillant said she immediately felt the weight of God’s presence come upon her and she dropped to the ground. God’s touch was felt all over the room in various ways.

It was a holy moment.

Brad Braddy shared a prophetic word about the Pioneering Spirit that we are called to carry. God is taking us into new territory. What God is doing is connected to the momentum of past revivals we honor, but he is taking us into a new place.

The lost will be saved. The sick healed. Justice and righteousness will invade broken places with new creation. I shared a simple gospel message on Saturday and 8 responded in faith. The significance of what happened last Saturday can’t be overstated.

My heart is full this week, anticipation is high. As I look forward to gathering again on Saturday, I’m expecting more. I’m expecting divine encounter. I’m expecting transformed lives.

Revival is now.


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