Today’s Election: Stewardship and Faith

I will vote today. My vote will be aligned with the candidate and platform that best represents my values. I won’t pick a third party candidate at this point because at best it would seem a non-vote. At worst it would represent a vote for the candidate and platform that least represents my values by taking a vote from the one who does. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility and therefore an issue of stewardship in my life.

Having spoken about stewardship, let me now speak about faith. My faith is not in our government. It’s not in any candidate, party, or political process. I am not primarily a citizen of this world or this nation. I am a citizen of heaven. I have great hope for our nation’s future, but the basis of my hope does not rest upon worldly political power. There is one king. His name is Jesus. He is the Lord of heaven and the Lord of earth. This is the gospel. In it and in it alone lies the power for salvation for those who believe. The hope for our nation lies first in the repentance of the Church, then in the renewed witness of the Church to the reality of the gospel of the kingdom.

Love God. Love others. Declare that God’s kingdom has, through Jesus and by the Spirit, come again among men. Heal the sick. Cast out demons. Love one another. Love your enemies.


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