What are we praying for at Catch the Fire DFW?

Nothing happens apart from prayer. Nothing that lasts anyway. At Catch the Fire DFW, we are asking, seeking and knocking as we lean into God’s vision and purpose for our church family. I thought it would be helpful to let you know what Nancy and I are praying for so that you can join us!

We are asking for more of God’s presence.
God is fully present in every place. But our experience of God’s presence can increase. We are transformed through encounter. So we are asking for MORE!!!

We are asking for salvations.
God is talking to us about witness and harvest in this season. We are asking for the lost to be found, for the orphans to become part of the family. We are asking for God to empower those who belong to Catch the Fire DFW to powerfully share their faith and demonstrate the kingdom in their day to day lives. We are praying for laborers in the harvest.

We are asking for healing and deliverance.
One of the most consistent  ways Jesus demonstrated the kingdom message he proclaimed was through healing and deliverance. We want Catch the Fire DFW to consistently become a place where the oppressed are freed and the sick are healed.

We are asking for increase.
We believe growth is in God’s heart. We are asking God to grow our attendance. We are asking God to grow each person at CTFDFW in how they engage in receiving, worship, serving, and giving.

We are asking for our own place.
We are so grateful for the opportunity we have to rent space from another congregation. It’s been such a huge blessing. But we believe it is in God’s heart for us to have a facility to steward 7 days a week.

So…we are asking, seeking and knocking. We are praying daily into each of these. Pray with us!


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