Igniting Fun

One of the primary goals we have for our children from birth to adolescence and beyond is for them to know and experience the goodness of God as their Heavenly Daddy, who loves and pursues them passionately. We want to create a culture that cultivates encountering and experiencing every aspect of God and His character where children are engaged in prayer, praise and worship and are fully engaged in spending time in His presence.  We are creating a generation of young people who hunger and thirst for more of Him and who want to see a different world than the one they currently live in.  Our hope is to “ignite” a passion, a fire, a dream, and a hunger for God that will propel our children to do the “greater works” than Jesus did through the power of His Holy Spirit.  We want to see a generation touch our church, their schools, their community and eventually the world with the love of Jesus Christ that brings salvation, healing, renewal and transformation to all who truly encounter Him.

Catch the Fire Ignite desires that every child grows in their relationship with their Heavenly Daddy, their savior and bridegroom Jesus Christ and that they can intimately get to know Holy Spirit as their friend and Comforter through fun and engaging activities. Our goal is to make sure that church is a fun atmosphere where the children are trained in the ways of God’s Kingdom, righteousness, and the culture of heaven, where there is no sickness, poverty or death.

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