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1245 Bedford Rd, Bedford, TX 76021



Four years into the story of Catch The Fire DFW, God has miraculously made provision for our church family to lease property on Precinct Line Rd in North Richland Hills and, in the near future, to purchase that property.

A group of Kingdom-minded investors has purchased the property for the sole purpose of leasing the space to Catch The Fire DFW. As our landlords, they will invest another $200,000 to make necessary improvements and upgrades to the structure. In addition to those improvements, our plan is to make another $200,000 in changes and improvements as Phase 1 of a project we are calling Welcome Home.



Catch the Fire is a family of churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994.

There is a rich heritage of renewal and revival in this region and it is our aim to receive that inheritance and steward that legacy as we lean into what God is doing in our day. God is a good Father. Because of what God did in Jesus through his life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension to the Father’s right hand as Lord of heaven and earth, a brand new day has already begun. His kingdom is at hand.

You can learn to hear him and know him personally. He can heal life’s hurts and free you to be the person he created and redeemed you to be. You can experience the fullness of his Holy Spirit and live life as a conduit through whom heaven invades earth.

We are learning to worship together, growing in our capacity to receive his grace, surrendering to the transforming power of his love, and becoming a family.


Manifestations and Maturity

At Catch the Fire DFW, our gatherings are environments of freedom. As we worship, conformity is not required and expression is free. Some sit while others stand. Some dance while others are still. Some lift their hands while others bow. Some are loud and others are quiet. Some laugh for joy while others cry for the same reason…


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