Transformation is a process. Every believer is on a discipleship journey toward becoming more like Jesus. Freedom Ministry is a powerful way to invest in your own transformation process.

Your first step is our Foundations of Freedom classes. These four classes will help you begin to establish a solid foundation to build upon during the rest of your life-long freedom journey, answering questions like: What is freedom? How does lasting change happen through the gospel? What is God’s part in that process? What is my own part?

These powerful teachings by Bob Hamp are available online, so you can begin your process right now at your own pace. Once you’ve completed all 4 classes, your next step is to schedule a personal ministry session. You will meet with two people from our highly trained Freedom Team and they will help you strategically hear and respond to God’s voice, grow in your true identity in Christ, and get rid of any core lies, soul wounds, demonic oppression or toxic relational patterns hindering your spiritual growth.

Once you’ve completed the Foundations of Freedom classes, the next step in our Freedom process is a personal ministry session. If you would like to schedule a personal freedom ministry session with our team, please complete this form.

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The Kingdom of God

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