Long Seasons of Waiting

How many years from God’s promise to Abram until the birth of Isaac?
How many years from Joseph’s dream until he became second in command of all of Egypt?
How many years did Moses spend tending sheep in Midian?
How many years between the moment David was anointed King of Israel and the moment he became King of Israel?
How many years between the time Jesus knew he must be about his Father’s business and the beginning of his ministry?
How many years from Saul’s (Paul) conversion until he was sent out from Antioch?

I’ve been thinking this morning about God’s calling. I first responded to God’s call on my life at age 14. It’s now 24 years later and I feel I’m just now at the beginning of stepping into some of what God spoke to me then. During the process I was often frustrated and in a big hurry. It seemed unreasonable that God would delay so long. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade it.

If you’re in a long season of waiting like that, a season of prisons, caves, sheep, wilderness, pits, and carpenter shops, you’re in good company.


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