Thinking Differently about Matter and Spirit

A line is not fully distinct from a point. It is more than a point but still includes all that is a point. A point has neither height nor width. A line has width.

A square is not fully distinct from a line but it is nevertheless more than a line. A square exists in a two dimensional reality made up of an infinite numbers of both lines and points oriented by height and width. A two dimensional figure like a square is more than a line but is not altogether different from what a line is for there could be no squares without lines.

A cube is not fully distinct from a square but is nevertheless more than a square. A cube exists in a three dimensional reality oriented by width, height, and also by breadth. A three dimensional figure like a cube is more than a square but is not altogether distinct from what a square is for there could be no cubes without squares. No squares without lines. No Lines without points.

As reality becomes more dimensionally complex the higher orders of reality are greater than the lower realities while still encompassing all that the lower realities include.

What if spiritual reality is simply the next step up in this order? What if heavenly reality encompasses width, height, and breadth while adding another dimension that we cannot possibly conceive of with senses designed to perceive solely within a world of three dimensions? What if the difficulty in conceiving of this spiritual reality can be compared to a circle being unable to conceive of a sphere for a sphere requires breadth and a circle knows of no such reality? (Read the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott for more on this concept)

This thought process, if remotely close to the truth, completely does away with the material/spiritual duality. That which is spiritual is more concrete reality than the material for it includes all that the material is and more in the same way that a cube is more concrete that a square. It has more substance.

This view of things acknowledges that the material can still be at its root spiritual. It is just that the spiritual aspects of the material must be perceived through another way of knowing. Sensory input analyzed by intellect will never perceive it.


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